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Islamophobe of the Week: Luton Nursery School

There are so many random acts of Islamophobia these days that it’s impossible to keep track.

This week we have an unidentified employee (or unidentified employees) at an unidentified nursery school in Luton who called the mother of a pupil in for questioning after her toddler son drew a picture of his father with a knife chopping a cucumber. You read right. A cucumber.

The staff in question apparently misheard the boy when he said cucumber, thinking he meant to say “cooker bomb” instead, and suggested the child may need to be admitted into a de-radicalisation programme.


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No, Refugees Aren’t Sexually Depraved Muslim Predators

(Adds Daoud’s decision to quit journalism. To jump to the update, click here).

Kamel Daoud’s op-ed, “The Sexual Misery of the Arab World,” has been trending on the New York Times since it was published on February 12. The piece — which is replete with tired, orientalist cliches — has been lauded by some for pointing out the obvious: that women in the Arab world face an enduring oppression problem, and that sexuality in the region is, as a result, warped.*
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