The Jihadi Who Found Jesus, Lebanese Calligraffiti & Palestinian Hunger Strikes: Mideast Media Recs

The Flower Salesman. Pic courtesy of Yazan Halwani


Non-fake news stories on Muslims and the Middle East from around the web, (occasionally) curated by Florence of Arabia

The Economist‘s 1843 magazine ran a wonderful piece on Calligraffiti in the Arab world, featuring the works of French/Tunisian street artist eL Seed and Lebanon’s Yazan Halwani

Patrick Kingsley, now at the New York Times after leaving the Guardian, wrote this Saturday profile on a jihadi who apparently found Jesus

Kareem Shaheen on the atrocities in Khan Sheikhun, Syria for the Guardian. Shaheen was the first journalist for a major western publication to report on the chemical attacks from the field. This piece follows an excellent albeit similarly harrowing one on ‘tiny graves’ for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

Robin Wright on the mass flight of Christians from the Middle East for the New Yorker

The Wall Street Journal‘s Nour Malas wrote this delightful story on ‘hello’ being used as a parting rather than greeting protocol in Iraq

A Guardian long read that’s something of a deep-dive into what it’s like to be an immigrant

The case for immigration — from a culinary perspective

The denationalization of American Muslims

“All that is human in me recoils from this:” Irish novelist Eimar Mcbride visited the West Bank and has a lot to say about what she witnessed

Palestinian militants are breaching Israeli troops’ phones by posing as hot women. Bloomberg‘s Gwen Ackerman reports on the “honey trap” that’s exposing the Israeli army’s social media “vulnerabilities”

Marwan Barghouti pens a piece from Hadarim Prison in Israel for the New York Times on why he’s on a hunger strike. Post-publication, the newspaper appended an editors’ note on why Barghouti is in prison. Presumably a response to some serious trolling

And finally, an absolutely gorgeous Modern Love column on an unlikely but beautifully captured connection between a novelist with motor neurone disease and her Syrian doctor.

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