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The Middle East Has Lost a True Friend in Jo Cox

To so many people across the United Kingdom and indeed the world, the disturbing, tragic murder of Jo Cox still seems utterly incomprehensible.

This was a woman who very visibly cared deeply for others and whose altruism has been described by many as unblemished. Indeed, the more one learns about Jo Cox, the more one realises just how tremendous her compassion was.

Cox was a champion for the less fortunate; for the socially ostracised; for immigrants; for refugees; for women; and for diversity. She was also a genuine friend of the Middle East and the UK’s Muslim community. Continue reading

Islamophobe of the Week: Luton Nursery School

There are so many random acts of Islamophobia these days that it’s impossible to keep track.

This week we have an unidentified employee (or unidentified employees) at an unidentified nursery school in Luton who called the mother of a pupil in for questioning after her toddler son drew a picture of his father with a knife chopping a cucumber. You read right. A cucumber.

The staff in question apparently misheard the boy when he said cucumber, thinking he meant to say “cooker bomb” instead, and suggested the child may need to be admitted into a de-radicalisation programme.


Cucumber Continue reading

FLOW CHART: How to Respond to a Terrorist Attack

By Zahra Hankir and ND*

There are so many terrorist (or kind-of-terrorist-) attacks out there these days, that it’s hard to keep track.

While we understand terrorism is certainly no laughing matter, we thought we’d put together a flow chart  to help you figure out how to respond to such attacks during these dark times.

Are you a Facebook user? A moderate Muslim? A western media organisation? Vladimir Putin? Or even David Cameron?

Florence of Arabia has got you covered.

(Click on the image to enlarge).


* ND is a London-based ultimate frisbee player, flow-chart expert and journalist. She’s also a White Westerner. 

Are You Muslim? Find Out How Offensive You Are to Islamophobes With This Guide

How offensive are you to Islamophobes? Click on image to enlarge.

By Zahra Hankir and Natasha Doff

Are you a British Muslim? Disturbed by the two viral videos* in which Islamophobes on London buses hurl vile insults at Muslim passengers (including a pregnant woman and a disabled Turkish pensioner)?

Want to do something about it?

The above flow-chart-test will categorise you as “Basically British,” a “Moderate Muslim,” or an “Extremist Muslim.” The results will help you figure out how offensive you are to Islamophobes everywhere.**

Aspire to be Basically British (particularly if you’re an immigrant with an exotic accent), and you could guarantee yourself an Islamophobia-free*** existence.. Continue reading

From British Schoolgirls to ISIS Brides

Earlier this year, I nervously/eagerly volunteered to be a “speed-mentor” for a Women of the World event at the Southbank Centre in London.

That’s where I met Maram (not her real name), a shy, head-scarfed, 17-year-old British school girl.

We had just 15 minutes to bond. I had no idea where to start. I asked her if she had a role model, confidently saying mine was Beyoncé. She giggled and was suddenly at ease.
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